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Using Your Brand to Grow Your Business

Posted April 12, 2024 by EnerBank USA

Using your brand to grow your business

A brand includes not just your logo, products, and services, but what people think, perceive, and experience when they’re exposed to your company. This means that providing an exceptional customer experience combined with a powerful brand is vital for growing your business. Here are some ways that businesses can leverage their brand to grow their business and stand out from the competition:

Stay Consistent

Flipping between messaging and not committing can cause your business to disappear into the white noise. This means no matter the lens a customer is viewing you, whether it’s social media, your website, vehicles, billboards, etc., they can tell the message is coming from you.

Highlight Your Value

You’re likely offering the same service as a dozen other contractors within a few miles’ radius. This means you have a great opportunity to include what makes you different in your branding. For example, are there aspects of your customer experience that are unique to your business? Do you offer additional services that the competition doesn’t? Incorporate these into your brand to help your business stand out.

Be Where Your Customers Are

You can put all the time and money in the world into your brand but if potential customers don’t see it, it doesn’t really matter. Do your research to find out how and where homeowners are making their buying journeys. If they’re on a specific social media platform, be on that platform. Do they like to see your process in videos and pictures? Create detailed multimedia content to get more eyes on you.

Check Out the Competition

One of the easiest ways to make sure your brand is stacking up is to check out what other contractors are doing. This is also a great way to see what messaging resonates with homeowners without having to use your own time and resources. While you can use this information for inspiration, don’t become a carbon copy of what’s already out there.

The Next Steps

Make your brand the best it can be with our free Brand Awareness Guide as part of our Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Contracting Business. Plus, our blog is always available to help with various aspects of your home improvement business.


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